How does the Patriots win with the bye?

The New England Patriots won their first two games in Week 2 without their star running back, Julian Edelman, because they were forced to rely on the pass in the fourth quarter and not be able to find a running game in the second half.

However, the offense was able to pull out a big win with a comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons, who allowed the most yards in the NFL.

Here are five takeaways from the win:1.

They ran the ball with great poise and power in the first half, and their ability to win on the ground has been a problem for teams in recent years.

The Patriots run attack was dominant for much of the first quarter and in the third quarter, but it was forced to switch to the passing game late in the game.

The team has been able to run with Edelman in the past, but the new playbook will help it get back on track with this team.2.

They also ran the football, and that will be important for the defense in the coming weeks.

They need to run the ball well and not let the offense have easy carries.

They will need to be more effective at limiting the amount of yards the Falcons can score with the pass.3.

The offense was not as dominant as it was against the Seahawks, but there was a lot of fun with a couple of touchdown drives by Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Brady has shown a knack for scoring touchdowns, but he will need the Patriots to take advantage of opportunities against the Falcons to score a lot more points.4.

This game will be interesting to watch as the Falcons try to run away with the NFC South.

The Falcons are tied for the worst record in the league and are in the midst of a three-game losing streak.

If they can run the football well in the middle of the field and make sure their defenders are in position to block for their running backs, they will be able for much more than just a few points.5.

If the Patriots can win this game on the road, they should be able find themselves in the playoffs.

They have the talent and will be a threat to win the division, but their quarterback has been struggling with his accuracy.

If he can fix his accuracy, they can have a chance to win.