Dodger game not in jeopardy as Cowboys play Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been forced to pull out of their home opener against the Washington Redskins because of the flu, the team announced.

Key points:The game is delayed by the fluThe team has postponed all home games since NovemberThe NFL will replace the Dallas Cowboys’ home opener with an Eagles gameThe team is also cancelling the Cowboys’ Sunday Night Football game against the St Louis RamsThe team announced the move in a press release on Wednesday afternoon.

“Due to a severe and prolonged outbreak of influenza, the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex will be closed for the duration of the game on Sunday, November 19,” the statement read.

“The Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex will be re-opened on Sunday afternoon.”

The team added: “The Dallas Cowboys will continue to host all home football games.

All other home football and non-football games will be played at Cowboys Stadium, which will remain open for all Cowboys games.”

The announcement came just two days after the Dallas Mavericks announced they would play their home games at the University of North Texas.

The Dallas Stars and Washington Redskins are the only two other teams to have been hit with a flu pandemic.

The Eagles will play their game against Pittsburgh on Thursday, December 6 at 8:00pm (AEST) in a game that has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 5.

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