Game devs are fighting to make a better mobile launcher for Android, but a new poll shows they’re still struggling to catch on

Epic Games has launched a new mobile app, Epic Launcher, which aims to make it easier to quickly install and use its games.

The launch comes on the heels of a major overhaul to the Epic Games app.

It’s now completely redesigned and updated, with an entirely new interface, and a new feature that lets users download and install their games directly from the launcher.

Epic has also introduced an in-app store that lets developers distribute games to users’ devices.

But the game-developers group is still not convinced that the new design will do anything to boost their chances of gaining more users.

“If you want to see how good Epic is doing in mobile, you have to compare the apps they launched last year,” said Kevin McInerney, an executive vice president at Epic Games.

“We’re still at the beginning of what’s going to happen.

They’ve got to get more users, more users to support them, and then eventually they can see where it goes.””

I would say that the game community is more than capable of supporting a mobile game,” he added.

The poll, conducted by app analytics firm App Annie, asked gamers about their experience with Epic Games’ launcher.

It found that just 18% of people had used the app for any time, while 46% of respondents said they had not tried the game at all.

“The experience is so inconsistent that the developers are losing sight of what the app is,” McInherney said.

The company has been forced to adjust its game distribution model.

Instead of allowing developers to distribute their games on the company’s own platform, it now allows them to sell directly to users, instead of letting developers sell to other developers.

“There’s no way that Epic can ever be successful with the way they do this.

We’re going to have to take a different path,” McAllister said.”

I’m very excited to see what’s coming next,” he said.

A similar survey in February found that users were much more likely to install an app than play a game if it had a “free” version.

That suggests that Epic has been losing ground to its rivals, with users switching to its paid-for version of the game.