The Big Bang Theory game today

The Big B is playing the best of its show on the big screen this morning.

Epic Games has released a new episode of the popular game show Game of Thrones with a big reveal, as well as a slew of new game-themed goodies.

The latest episode, entitled “The Storms of Westeros,” shows King Robert’s direwolf Robb Stark and his family in the Red Wedding.

The episode includes a new weapon called “The Hound,” and two new dragons: a direwolf named Brienne and a dragon named Gendry.

The episode also reveals that Robb and Arya’s wedding night was filmed on location in the North, while the two have been married for the past three years.

The show’s executive producers are giving fans the first look at Game of Throne’s new season, with Game of War, the latest episode of Season 7, set to debut on HBO later this week.

The new Game of Warcraft expansion for the game’s second season, The Burning Crusade, will also be released next week.

And this week’s episode of Game of Thorns is set to launch on Apple TV.