@TrexGame’s Chief Gaming Exec tells @CNN that the #gamergate hashtag is the worst thing in gaming today

The CEO of a gaming company said today that the hashtag #gamergatescrimes is a disgrace to gamers and a direct assault on the First Amendment.

Trex Game CEO Michael Gannon was interviewed on CNN’s “The Lead” and said that the GamerGate hashtag is “the worst thing we’ve ever seen in gaming.”

Gannon, who also co-founded and ran social media company Fandango, said that #gamerGate is a direct attack on gamers and “a direct assault” on the Free Speech and First Amendment rights of gamers.

“The #GamerGate hashtag is a terrible thing in video games,” he said.

“The hashtag is really a direct attempt to destroy the freedom of expression that gamers have fought for and won in the last few decades.”

Gillespie, a longtime gaming critic, pointed out that the majority of #gamergamers are white males, who “have been targeted for harassment and discrimination in their communities.”

“We’re going to have to do a better job of getting the word out and getting people who aren’t white males to join us,” he added.

The GamerGate hashtag has gained steam in recent days as the hashtag has been used to attack Anita Sarkeesian, an outspoken female video game critic and creator of Feminist Frequency, an online magazine and podcast that has raised concerns about the treatment of women in video gaming.