How to dress up to win $50 from the Saints game

The Saints are coming off a thrilling 23-23 win over the Titans, but the win didn’t end the season with the Saints in the playoff picture.

The Saints can still clinch a wild-card spot with a win in Sunday’s game at Carolina.

Here are 10 dress-up tips that you can use to dress for the game.


Wear an eye patch 2.

Wear a tie and sunglasses 3.

Wear your favorite Saints hat 4.

Tie your shoes to your feet 5.

Take off your shoes and socks 6.

Take your hat and sunglasses and put it on your head 7.

Put on your Saints cap 8.

Wear black pants and a black shirt 9.

Wear socks with your Saints shirt 10.

Wear hoodies with your hoodie 11.

Put your Saints hat and tie on and put on your sunglasses 12.

Get ready to be a hero for $50.

Source Reddit /u/gabriella10