How to play mahjong games with Barbie

A group of four Barbie doll lovers are learning the basics of the game with a video game called “Mahjong Games.”

The game, created by a group of Japanese game designers, lets players choose between a variety of mahjong-like games and has been played in Japan since the 1970s.

The Japanese game is a blend of Chinese and Japanese cards.

A video of the two playing a game in Japanese on April 17.

“The aim is to keep playing and playing,” said Haruka Matsuda, who works for a game studio called Bambino Games.

“You can use cards, move them around and move the board.”

This video from April 17 shows the game.

The group of Barbie Dolls, who call themselves “The Barbie Doll Project,” have been playing the game together since the video was posted on the group’s YouTube page.

Matsuda and her friends have made about 100 videos since they began, according to the group.

The video was made on April 16, 2017, about 10 days after a video of another group of girls playing the “Mahongames” game was uploaded to YouTube.

“I thought it was really cute,” said Miyoko Hasegawa, who plays the game at the moment.

“But then I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a bit different.’

I can’t say how it feels to play it.”

Matsuda said they had a difficult time finding a game that was both simple and fun for all of them.

“We have been working on this game for quite a long time and we have all played it, but the problem is that it’s not really fun,” she said.

Matsudas group has been working for about a year to create a game of their own, with Matsuda as the only player.

She said she has played the game since age 6 and is one of the few girls in the group to be able to play.

The girls are not alone in their interest in playing the video game, said Takuya Ueda, who heads the group of doll designers.

“If we were to be the first to create something, it would be a really important game for the girls in our group,” he said.

Ueda said the video is a testament to the popularity of the doll in Japan.

“Girls love dolls and they want to play them,” he told CNN.

“Mah Jongames” was created by three Japanese game makers in the mid-1990s.

It was released by Bambinos studio in 2012.

It is now available in three versions: a basic version with simple rules, a version with more complex rules and a “mahongames-plus” version, which adds more complicated rules.