How to celebrate your NRL ‘A’ grade without spending too much money on tickets

By James HargreavesThe NRL is going into a major season with two of its best teams.

The Canberra Raiders are set to return to the top four, while the Brisbane Broncos are set for a fifth-straight win after beating the Warriors on Saturday.

While the Raiders and Broncos are both the most successful teams in the competition, the top three teams in their respective divisions are all the more notable.

The Raiders have won nine of their past 12 games, while Brisbane has won six of its past nine games.

There’s little doubt the Broncos will be on the verge of their third straight win at Suncorp Stadium.

Coach Anthony Griffin has been confident they’ll be back in the finals after missing out on the premiership in 2015.

“I know the Broncos are in great shape, they’ve been working very hard, they know how to win games and they’ve got some good players in their squad,” Griffin said.

“They’re a tough side to beat.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for us, we’ve been playing really well and I know we’re going to go out and put on a good performance.”

It’s going take a lot of energy and guts to put on the Broncos, but it’s a team that has been so consistent in their form.

The Cowboys are the only team in the top six in the NRL standings, but they have played just five games since their three-point win over the Panthers on Sunday.

It’s an interesting formula for the Cowboys to face the Broncos this weekend.

They are currently second in the ladder, but have a game in hand over the Broncos at the top of the ladder.

The Broncos have been knocked out of the finals by the Sharks in 2015, while they have lost two straight to the Warriors and have lost four straight games against the Roosters.

While they are on the back foot, the Cowboys are going into the season on a high, having won 10 of their last 11 games.

Their three-game winning streak came to an end against the Titans on Saturday, and the Cowboys hope they can bounce back against the Raiders.

“There’s a lot we can improve on,” coach Phil Gould said.”[But] I don’t want to give up.”

The Broncos are also looking to make up ground after losing a game to the Roos in round six.

They lost their first game at home in the first round, with their next home game against the Broncos coming in round 12.

The Warriors, who had a bye week, have also been hit hard with injury.

“It’s not something that happens all that often in our business but it happens in the NFL and you’ve got to be prepared for it,” Griffin told reporters on Monday.

“You’ve got guys out there that are not necessarily going to play well.

We’ll have to get our feet under us and get our focus on that game.”

The Raiders and Cowboys have been among the best teams in NRL history.

Both teams have won three premierships and four finals, but the Raiders have never reached the finals.

The Titans have won two of their four finals games, including a thrilling clash with the Warriors in round four.

Their win against the Cowboys will give them a six-point cushion over the Roop, but Griffin is not concerned about their recent form.

“The Titans are the best team in NRL, they’re the best side in the world,” he said.