Why you should buy an Android tablet if you can get one today

Today’s news roundup: As usual, we have a new batch of Hacker News articles.

We have more than 700 new Hacker News posts, and they have some pretty interesting content.

First up is a story from our friends at The Verge that has us all excited for the future of smartphones.

It’s an interesting article from the perspective of a young Android user who is excited to get his first Android phone.

The Verge’s John Gruber takes a look at why Android phones are so important to young people, how we can expect more of them in the future, and what the future holds for the mobile OS.

If you’re not familiar with John Gruberg, he’s a writer for The Verge and has been covering smartphones since he started at the publication in 2010.

He’s one of the first people to talk about the importance of smartphones to consumers and is an avid reader.

He often talks about how Google has been able to build the world’s most popular mobile OS with an incredible amount of dedication, and his take on what’s going to happen to the Android OS is a pretty solid read.

The article talks about the different ways that Android phones can be used, and the different apps available.

It also talks about what the company has done to make the phone more useful.

This is a great article from The Verge about the future for the Android phone and how Google is making that happen.

The company’s Eric Schmidt says that Android will continue to have a place in the phone experience, and it will eventually get a “home” app.

Google’s Android-powered Android phones will also continue to grow in popularity as more people move to the OS, and Schmidt expects to see Android phones becoming even more popular over time.

Finally, The Verge has another article about what you should be doing with an Android phone if you want to get it today.

I have to admit, I had a hard time finding the time to read this article, so I’m going to have to stop now.

This article is about what an Android smartphone will be like once Google releases an update.

Google is already making changes to the phone in an attempt to make it easier for users to get a new phone, but this article shows that Google is planning on making the phones more usable for users who aren’t familiar with how to use an Android device.