What if there were a Pokémon game?

A couple of years ago, Nintendo released a game called Pokémon Go.

It featured Pokémon, but it wasn’t an official Pokémon game.

It was, rather, a Pokémon trading card game, in which players could use virtual cards to trade cards with other players.

Nintendo said the game was the first Pokémon game to feature real-world Pokémon characters, and that Pokémon Go was the company’s first foray into augmented reality.

The game’s developer, Niantic, released a version of Pokémon Go called Pokémon Rumble that was compatible with phones and tablets.

Niantics version of the game has a much different focus.

The app is designed to allow players to capture Pokémon in real-time and give them to their friends.

A real-life Pokémon Go player would need to pay for the Pokémon game, and Nintendo has not been clear about how it would handle the player’s data.

The Pokémon company also said Pokémon Go could be used to improve the game.

Pokémon Go isn’t just a toy for Pokémon Go fans.

It could be a platform for other virtual-reality games.

Nintendo wants to build its own augmented-reality app that could allow users to play with Pokémon Go and other virtual creatures.

It’s also working on a Pokémon VR app.

A Pokémon Go game that works in a virtual world could be useful for other uses too.

For example, Pokémon Go might make it easier to find Pokémon in crowded places, or give people a chance to catch them and trade them for PokéStops.