What are the odds of a Bears victory on Sunday?

I’m not a math guy, so I’m going to assume the Packers are going to win on Sunday.

I’m also going to go with the Giants, who have the most points in the league (they’re 4-0).

But what about the Bears?

Well, they’re a lot like the Packers, only they’re not quite as good.

The Bears have lost two of their last three games, and I’m thinking they’ll lose to the Eagles and Seahawks at home.

The Bears also have lost to the Broncos and Colts.

The Lions have the league’s best offense, but the Lions are also the worst team defensively.

They have allowed more than 20 points in four straight games.

I also know the Vikings are a very tough team to beat on defense, but I don’t think it will be enough to upset the Bears.

Minnesota has played just two of its last six games, which includes a bye.

The Vikings are 3-5, but it’s only one game away from tying their record for most consecutive wins in the NFL.

The Vikings also have the second-best rushing attack in the NFC North.

They’ve scored at least 300 yards in five of their past six games.

The Broncos are a much-improved team.

They had a chance to get to 3-0 last week when they won at San Francisco.

They went on to lose to Green Bay by a score of 29-10.

Denver hasn’t had to face a playoff team since 2011.

The Broncos are 4-1 since the bye, and they have to win Sunday to stay in the playoff picture.

I like the Cardinals.

They are playing better than they have been all year.

I like their defense.

But I also don’t know if they can beat the Bears, who are playing a lot better than any other team in the conference.

The Falcons have a lot of talent, but their offense has been terrible.

Atlanta has averaged just 14.3 points per game in the last five games, including a scoreless streak in the third quarter against Carolina on Saturday.