What’s the worst thing you can drink at a party? A bottle of red wine

When it comes to drinking games, red wine may be the most dangerous one out there.

According to a survey conducted by Drinkbox, a British online gaming company, the average player drinks more than two glasses of red a day.

If that’s not enough, gamers also tend to consume at least seven cans of wine at a single drink.

But what’s the most risky thing a gamer can drink?

We took a closer look and found that the average gamer is more likely to drink red wine than vodka, but there are plenty of other red wines to choose from.

Read on to find out which games you should avoid at a dinner party, and what other booze is recommended by the experts.1.

Beer at a birthday party: A bottle or two of Red Bull is a safe bet at a first date or birthday party.

A couple could have a good time by going for a run, but if they’re going to be drinking red wine, they’ll want to start with a good one.

Red Bull (and other red wine brands) have a reputation for causing health problems when consumed in large amounts, but this is only true if you consume them for a prolonged period.

If you have any doubts, ask your partner about red wine consumption and be wary of binge drinking.2.

Blackouts: A good option for when you’re going out after work.

You could even opt for a black-out night to make a good night’s sleep.

If your partner has a drinking problem, you could suggest that they try a blackout or blackout.

The idea is to make sure that no one else is drinking alcohol, as the alcohol can affect your body chemistry and can increase your risk of problems.

If a blackout is going to take place, make sure your partner knows where to go to get some refreshments.3.

A glass of wine: This is a popular option at weddings and barbecues, but it can be difficult to get the right one.

The only way to know which wine is best for you is to try it.

A wine glass is usually filled with a lot of water and is meant to hold about three liters of wine, and it can take several tries before you find one that suits you.

Try to avoid wines with a higher alcohol content, as they tend to be sweeter, and avoid brands with red fruit on them.4.

Whiskey: Whiskey is a great choice for a cocktail when you need something a little lighter.

You can use a shot of rum or brandy in place of the traditional cocktail ingredients, which are usually whiskey, gin and vermouth.

It’s also a good idea to drink a shot before going out to socialise, as there are a lot more drinks to choose the perfect cocktail for you.5.

Champagne: You can mix up your champagne with other cocktails to create a perfect blend.

Try the bubbly cocktail, which can include a shot or two from the sparkling bottle.

Try mixing a shot with a shot glass.6.

Scotch: It’s important to get your own drink in order at the dinner table, but some people will still prefer a glass of brandy over a glass.

A shot of brandys can be the perfect drink for a date or a night out.7.

Beer: Beer is one of the best choices for a romantic night out, and many people will take a bottle or three of wine as a starter.

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, try a glass with brandy or rum.8.

Whiskeys: Beer drinkers can use whiskey for a lighter and lighter beer.

Try pairing one shot of bourbon with a bottle of brandies or a shot, and a shot in the glass of your favourite beer.9.

Champagnes: A nice way to add a little spice to a cocktail is with a glassful of Champagne.

It can be mixed with a chilled cocktail and a glass or two.10.

Scotch Whisky: The cheapest and best option is to start off with a small amount of Scotch whisky, which is usually cheaper than many other types of liquors.

It has a similar taste to Scotch, but is much lighter in colour and taste.

The best way to get one is to go out to dinner and ask your date or your partner if they would like to try some Scotch Whiskey.