How to watch the Bears and Eagles game live with Buzzfeed’s Game Pass subscription

By now you’ve probably heard that the NFL is planning to broadcast the 2017 Bears-Eagles game in a way that will require subscribers to subscribe to a subscription to the site.

The news came as no surprise, since the league has been pushing for new ways to keep fans on the go. 

In an interview with ESPN’s Grant Wahl, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the league is working on ways to stream games on the site to fans who aren’t subscribing to the service, and that the idea is being tested in other markets. 

“We are working on a new way of doing it,” Goodell said, according to Wahl.

“We’re looking at different ways to do it.

We’re working on some new ways of doing things.

I think the idea of trying to do something like that, whether it’s live or video or something like this, is something that’s going to be very exciting for us to explore.”

Goodell didn’t say when the new system would be implemented, but the league previously said that it would be rolled out “in the near future.” 

It’s unclear how the NFL plans to utilize Game Pass’s subscription option, which costs $7.99 a month, but if it is something it has in mind, it will be interesting to see how it performs in a market like the US, where the game is usually broadcast on TV networks. 

The NFL is trying to use its subscription to get fans on a plane to watch games live on the field.

There are also other streaming options for fans who want to watch on demand on the device of their choice. 

If you’re interested in the NFL’s plan, you can watch the NFL games on Game Pass at some point in the near or distant future, and it will only require a one-time fee. 

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