When a GOP leader tells you you need to get your act together

The GOP leader who promised an open convention and a vote on the platform on Monday had a different vision for the convention, one that would create the illusion that a convention would be about what the GOP can do better.

The Ohio GOP chairman, Reince Priebus, said Monday night that he would invite “the people of Ohio to take a look at the platform and see if there is any way we can do more than that, that is, that we have a better vision of what our party is about.”

“I think we have to be ready to go forward, but if we can’t get that going, we have no business being in this country,” Priebus said in an interview with The Hill.

When asked if there was anything he had learned in his discussions with the Republican National Committee about how to improve the platform, Priebus said, “I have learned from the RNC.”

Priebus also said he was open to the idea of adding more diversity to the RNC.

“The RNC’s been working hard to improve,” Priebus told The Hill, but he acknowledged that he has not yet heard from the party on what the platform should look like.

“I’m not even sure if that’s something that would be part of the platform,” he said.

“I think there’s a lot of room for improvement in the platform.”

On Tuesday, Priebus defended his position on the party’s platform, arguing that “the party has to be open to all perspectives, and we should be open about the fact that we’re a diverse party.”

“We’re open to everybody,” Priebus continued.

“But when it comes to our platform, it has to reflect our views and reflect who we are.

It has to represent the views of the American people, and that’s what I believe we have done.”

The Ohio RNC chairman did not say whether the platform would address the issue of race.

The RNC is still in the process of crafting its platform, and Priebus said the party is open to “anyone that can contribute.”

But the platform could include a section on women and diversity that could be divisive for some Republicans who want to see more of a focus on the issue.

The platform also could address the GOP’s past treatment of women and its long history of racism.

“That was a major theme in the 2016 election,” Priebus added.

“We have to look at that in a different light.”