What’s next for Cardinals and baby shower games?

Cards fans may have to wait a bit longer for a full-on baby shower, as the team has decided to postpone the game.

According to the Cardinals, the team is in the process of revamping its baby shower event after years of planning.

This is the first time the team will be hosting a baby shower since the team’s 2016 game against the Detroit Lions.

The team had previously announced that it would hold the game in 2019, but that hasn’t been the case.

After the team postponed the game, it was announced that the team would be moving to 2019 instead.

The team is still set to hold a baby showers in 2020.

According the Cardinals website, the baby shower will be held at the Arizona Cardinals Stadium in Tempe.

The game will be streamed live on the team website.

The baby shower is slated to take place on Sunday, January 25th.