What the Cardinals should do with their roster

The Arizona Cardinals need to be in position to have a successful season.

They need to have the roster to succeed.

They have too many holes.

And they have too much salary cap room.

But they can do it.

They can do better.

Here are five key takeaways from the Cardinals’ bye week.1.

They’ve got to do a better job of protecting their quarterback.

I don’t think the Cardinals have the depth at quarterback.

Carson Palmer has had a rough season.

He’s played behind a top-10 defense and has been sacked more than 1,000 times.

That’s not a good look.

So they need to make sure their offensive linemen have a chance to play.

They will need to protect their quarterbacks, too.

They’re also going to need to get rid of veteran backup quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Cardinals are a little over $8 million under the salary cap this season.

This is where the veteran backup comes in.

That means they have to make a trade to make Mahomes expendable.

Mahomes is a bargain, and it’s time the Cardinals get rid.

I’m not sure they can get away with that at this point.

And I don’t know if the Cardinals are going to be able to get away from that by using the franchise tag on Mahomes, even if they had to use it.2.

They could use a running back.

If they do trade Mahomes or if they tag a running backs, that would open up a spot for another running back in the second round of the draft.

But I think they would have to trade one of their veterans for the pick.

They also would need to trade someone in the draft who is likely to be a first-round pick in 2018.

That would be a huge loss.3.

They should use their franchise tag.

If the Cardinals keep Mahomes and if they don’t trade Mahames or they don´t trade Mahmes, they could use the franchise-tag provision of the CBA.

That provision is set to expire on April 14.

It could be used to protect players from the salary-cap hit, but if it doesn’t happen, the team can use it to release them.4.

They’d be better off keeping a tight end.

If you look at the roster, the Cardinals could be better with a tight ends role.

They had two tight ends last year.

They used them in different ways.

One was a fullback.

Another was a receiver.

The last one is a runningback.

The Cardinals don’t have any running backs on their roster, so this would be an ideal spot for a tight-end.5.

They don’t need to re-sign cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Peterson has a long track record of injury.

He is entering his age-32 season and is coming off a shoulder injury.

But the Cardinals can keep him.

If they use the tag, the franchise option, and the option year, Peterson would cost the team $13.6 million in salary-related dead money.6.

They’re going to have to use their first- and second-round picks.

This year, the Arizona Cardinals have five first- or second-rounder picks.

They’ll have four more in 2019.

That leaves them with just two picks in the first two rounds.

The best way to get them is to trade up in the 2019 draft.

They would need the third pick, which could come from any team, to take Peterson.

The team can then use the fifth pick to get a quarterback.

The first pick is going to come from one of two ways.

It can be a quarterback, a receiver, a running quarterback, or a tight receiver.

If you trade down, you have to get the quarterback, and that means you’ll need to take a quarterback with the fourth pick.

You could use that pick to take another quarterback in the future.

The second way to take the quarterback is to get it with the seventh pick.

That could be from a quarterback-needy team.

Or it could be someone like a running player, who has been a part of the offense all year.

That way, the first-rounder could come with an upgrade to the offense.7.

They won’t get a first overall pick.

The Arizona Cardinals aren’t going to get any first overall picks this year.

But if they trade up to the No. 4 spot, that will be a priority.

It’s the easiest pick they could get.8.

They might need to cut some players.

Arizona is one of the few teams that are smart enough to know they can’t afford to be under the cap.

So if they go in the wrong direction, they will have to cut.

But not as much as they might think.

They may not need to do that, but they might want to.9.

They are not going to sign a free agent.

The only free agents on the roster are linebacker Ryan Shazier and cornerback