How to Beat Epic Games 2fa

It’s been almost two months since Epic Games, the developer behind Epic Mickey and Epic Jam, released Epic Jam 2, which is essentially a sequel to the original game, and now we have a full look at the game.While Epic Jam has not received the same critical acclaim as its predecessor, it’s still a pretty […]


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the most played video game of 2018 title The Last of Us Remastered is the #1 game of the year, according to Metacritic

The Witcher franchise is a sprawling and epic role-playing game set in an alternate-history world, and it’s the most popular video game title of 2018, according on Metacritics ranking.In a new poll of more than 7,500 gamers, the gaming website Metacritis found that The Witcher III: Wild Hunter (pictured above) is the Most Played Game […]


Game devs are fighting to make a better mobile launcher for Android, but a new poll shows they’re still struggling to catch on

Epic Games has launched a new mobile app, Epic Launcher, which aims to make it easier to quickly install and use its games.The launch comes on the heels of a major overhaul to the Epic Games app.It’s now completely redesigned and updated, with an entirely new interface, and a new feature that lets users download […]