‘Barbie’ Has No Idea What’s Going On with Barbie and Other ‘Crazy’ Games

Barbie games are so popular that they’re now being given the go-ahead to make their own.This includes the game “Barbie: The Game,” which has received a full rebranding.The game was originally called “Barbies” and was designed to help children learn about Barbies and Barbies dolls.“Barbies are our favourite characters and they were created by our […]


@TrexGame’s Chief Gaming Exec tells @CNN that the #gamergate hashtag is the worst thing in gaming today

The CEO of a gaming company said today that the hashtag #gamergatescrimes is a disgrace to gamers and a direct assault on the First Amendment.Trex Game CEO Michael Gannon was interviewed on CNN’s “The Lead” and said that the GamerGate hashtag is “the worst thing we’ve ever seen in gaming.”Gannon, who also co-founded and ran […]


Game theory and casino games

This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of Gamasutra.Read moreThe game theory game is not only about making a decision, it is about being able to understand how the other player makes the decision.It is about playing the game, and it is not about learning how to do it the right way.In this […]